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Herbs and Superfoods: For Weight Loss and Detox...
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Hi! I'm Emma Green, the author of How I Lost 100 Pounds!, and I'm so glad I could create this audio for you.   In truth, if you want to be healthy, you must eat well. And generally speaking, there is definitely a lot of available nutrients missing from store-bought foods. If we think about our nutrition more definitively, it remains true that the common or more inadequate foods can definitely support life. We know this from our experience in living day to day. But then it must also be true that herbal or superfoods can fortify, help, sustain, and aid the body, more dramatically so. It energizes our bodies to the point of purer health, weight-loss shedding, and healing bliss, in many instances.   Through definitive research, I've learned that the amazing qualities in herbs and superfoods are truly forgotten. And because of their unusual or pungent tastes and smells, we've negated them, historically speaking. This also happened because of our diminished knowledge concerning their usage and because they were eliminated as a food source as later generations started to ignore them altogether. In reality, we must follow this ideal criterion: It does matter what we eat and we need all kinds of food to live. Diet extremes will harm health.   Thankfully, and more recently, there has been a greater interest in these lost and forgotten foods on the world stage. And in this title, Herbs and Superfoods for Weight Loss and Detox, we'll discover an amazing list of herbs and superfoods, and we'll listen to the history, benefits, scientific evidence, negatives, and cautions. We'll learn how to use, taste, and even where to source them from. This will discuss licorice root, gynostemma, he shou wu, velvet antler, reishi mushrooms, goji berries, astragalus root, and cinnamon. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Tara Boozer. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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